JMAC's Mission

JMAC’s mission is to inspire powerful personal change through Japanese Budo. We do this through the study and teaching of lineage-based martial arts complimented by cutting-edge personal growth tactics.

Our Assets

Our greatest assets are our extraordinary instructors and passionate students. We focus on lifetime learning and enthusiastic teaching in an energetic, joyful dojo. Our never-ending commitment to improve and our active connection with Japan builds exceptional technique and refined character.

JMAC Values

Nobody at JMAC rises alone. We only improve while helping the people around us get better. That’s why we live by these values both inside and outside the dojo: 

Joy and Energy

We work and play at a higher level when we’re energetic and joyful. JMAC leaders and members strive for vibrant health and a positive attitude so we can all show up at our best. 

Mutual Respect

We bring our best selves to the dojo and treat others with honesty, kindness and respect. 


Martial arts are physical. It’s important to reflect and discuss, but we must actively train to stay on the path. 

Commitment to Improve

Training at JMAC means committing to a lifetime of learning and supporting others’ efforts to learn.

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